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Product details

Hollyland LARK M2

Key Features & Product Description
1. Button Size
2. 48kHz/24bit Hi-Fi Sound
3. Long Battery Life
4. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
5. Plug and Play(Mobile Version)
App Control (Mobile Version)
Knob Control (Camera Version)
Universal Compatibility (Combo Version)

The Hollyland LARK M2

is the ultimate fashionable wireless microphone to exceed your recording expectations. Weighing just 9g, it is the
lightest mini microphone on the market, making it the best choice for filmmakers, vloggers, and podcasters. With its lossless sound
reproduction and top-of-the-line recording capabilities, the LARK M2 guarantees unmatched performance that will help you get
the most out of your recording. You can confidently rely on it for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use and expect the very best
recording results every time.

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Incredibly Small
At only 9g, the transmitter (TX) is small enough to stay securely fastened to your clothing without any drooping or sagging. Its
button-size design is practical, convenient and doesn't compromise audio quality.
Versatile Wearing Options with Cool TX Stickers
There are three ways to wear the LARK M2: magnetic attachment, clip-on, and a new necklace design. The TX comes with stylish
stickers to fit your personal style and meet your diverse demands.
Studio-Grade 48kHz/24bit Hi-Fi Sound Quality
Designed in collaboration with professional sound engineers, theHollyland LARK M2 features high-end MIC components and advanced audio
algorithms which work seamlessly to deliver a natural, high-fidelity sound with minimal loss. It also offers a 48kHz/24-bit audio
format, enabling it to capture every sound with incredible accuracy, just as you would hear with your ears.
Powerful Recording Performance
With a signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB, the LARK M2 ensures excellent audio signals with minimal background noise. Moreover, it can
handle sound pressure levels of up to 115dB, making it the perfect choice for recording in environments with high-pitched sounds.
Hi-Fi Studio-Grade Sound Quality
24bit Depth
70dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
115dB Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
TX/RX Smart Control Noise Cancellation
The LarkSound app offers a highly efficient and user-friendly way to operate the LARK M2. Its intuitive interface allows you to easily
adjust noise cancellation levels (Strong/Low) to fit your specific recording needs.
Hollyland LARK M2 's firmware and audio algorithms work together to enhance noise cancellation, resulting in crystal-clear, rich, and
undistorted human voices, even when in noisy environments. This amazing feature lets you stay focused on your audio content
without any distractions.


Extended 40-Hour Battery Life
With Hollyland LARK M2's optimized power management and efficiency, you can operate on a single TX for up to 10 hours. The compact and
portable charging case can fully charge the entire set twice, and each charge takes less than 1.5 hours. With a total battery life of
approximately 40 hours, you can create content without worrying about running out of power, ensuring that you can work with
peace of mind and without any interruptions caused by low battery life.
10 hours: TX can work for up to 10 hours with ENC off
2 full charges: TX can be fully charged twice using the charging case (mobile version)
< 1.5 hours: the time required for a single full charge
40 hours: the battery life (camera version)
can be charged while in use
compact and portable charging case design
Note: The camera version has a battery life of 40 hours, while the mobile version has a battery life of 30 hours with the charging
Easy Setup
Hollyland LARK M2 offers a direct plug that eliminates messy wires and provides a truly wireless recording experience. The Lightning
version of the receiver (RX) boasts an MFi-certified Apple chip, while the USB-C version can connect to Android phones, Apple 15,
action cameras, and computers. The USB-C digital audio signal plug ensures a noise-free recording, giving you a clear and crisp
sound output.
300m Stable Transmission
Hollyland LARK M2 is equipped with a superior high-gain LDS antenna that eliminates interference caused by the human body, providing
a stable and uninterrupted audio transmission. With a remarkable transmission range of up to 300 meters, the LARK M2 is the
perfect tool for capturing high-quality audio in challenging, long-distance recording environments.
Mobile Version: Wireless transmission can reach up to 1,000ft (300m) for line-of-sight (LOS) and 197ft (60m) for non-LOS (NLOS).
Camera Version: Wireless transmission can reach up to 1,000ft (300m) for line-of-sight (LOS) and 131ft (40m) for non-LOS (NLOS).
Dual Anti-Interference for a Noise-Free and Stable Recording Experience
Hollyland LARK M2 is designed to provide you with the best audio recording experience. Its innovative RF anti-interference electronic circuit
design solutions effectively eliminate wireless interference, ensuring clear and stable audio performance even in challenging
environments. The unique metallic dust-proof mesh design at the sound hole enhances anti-interference capabilities, protects
against dust, and shields against radio frequency interference. This guarantees that your recordings are free from any unwanted
"buzzing" noise.
Smart LarkSound App
Hollyland LARK M2 supports a user-friendly Lark Sound app, which allows for one-tap firmware updates, volume and noise cancellation
adjustments, and real-time audio status checking.
Seamless Playback Without Unplugging
When the RX is connected to your phone, you can playback your recording directly without unplugging it.
Note: Playback without unplugging is not possible on camera version RX through the 3.5mm audio jack.
Direct Computer Connection with UAC Function
With the Hollyland LARK M2's UAC function, you can directly connect the RX to your computer, eliminating the need for an external sound

TX Control for Video Recording
Pressing the Noise-cancellation button twice on the TX allows you to remotely control your phone to start or stop video recording
or take photos. This feature offers a convenient way to capture your important moments in real-time.
Note: This function is only compatible with phones that allow starting and ending video recording or taking photos with a single
volume button press.

Intuitive Knob for Quick Volume Adjustment
You can easily adjust volume levels on the camera version RX using the intuitive knob. Three LEDs clearly display volume
levels, making it effortless to know the current status.
Smooth Switch Between Mono & Stereo
The camera version RX supports two recording modes: mono and stereo. You can switch between them by pressing the Mode
Switching & Pairing button on the RX.
Note: The camera version RX only supports switching between mono and stereo modes when the 3.5mm audio jack is connected
to the camera.
Instant Pairing Upon Unboxing
Hollyland LARK M2 is pre-paired at the factory, so you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to deal with any complex setup
procedures. All you need to do is unbox the package, remove the insulating film, and place it back in the charging case. The TX and
RX will automatically pair with each other, allowing you to start recording right away.
Multiple Choices to Meet Your Needs
We offer a variety of options to fit your recording requirements perfectly. Select the one that best suits your needs and enjoy a
personalized recording experience.
Mobile Version (Lightning)
Mobile Version (USB-C)
Camera Version
Combo Version
Free & Well-Designed Recording Kit
Hollyland LARK M2 comes with a bundle of useful accessories, including windscreens for outdoors recording, cable connectors for easy
connectivity, and a specially crafted necklace for each TX. With these accessories, You'll have everything you

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